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Full Day Istanbul Tour covers ;

The Full Day Istanbul tour is a great way to explore the city and it will be the perfect start to your cheap holiday to Turkey. We recommend taking in a few specific sights, however, we will work with you to create a customised itinerary that suits your own interests. One day of exploration with our local guides will acquaint you with this beautiful city and allow you to get a sense of the real Istanbul: if you have only one day here, this is the best option for you. Below are some of the sights that you can choose to see on this tour.


*The Blue Mosque( Sultanahmet Camii) ; One of the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman architecture with its beautiful blue tiles it is the only mosque in Turkey which has six minarets.

*Hippodrome; Roman emperor Septimius Severus built a hippodrome in Byzantion and Constantine the Great expanded its capacity to 100.000 spectators in 325 AD.

*Hagia Sophia( Ayasofya) ; The church of Holy Wisdom, was the largest church in the World for a long time , built by Roman emperor Justinian about 1500 years ago and still standing.

*Topkapi Palace ; The second largest palace complex in the world houses amazing treasures and relics such as the Sword of David, the mantle of Mohammad, the staff of Moses.

*Basilica Cistern; of the largest cistern in Constantinople built by emperor Justinian in 532 AD.

*Grand Bazaar; the first and largest shopping mall in the World.

Tour Price: Due to the fact that we do individually designed tours to suit visitors interest and needs we do not have a standard fee per tour. When you send us your tour requirements we will help you devise an itinerary. When this has been completed we will quote you a rate accordingly.